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Related article: Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 10:13:48 EST
Subject: Eyes on My Son 5Same restrictions as with other chapters. You must be of legal age to
read. We were still kind of playing footsies with each other as I was
telling my tail and I saw that both John and Eric had raging hard on from
my telling about Ed and his Dad. I wanted to get into each of them and
was about to suggest we go into the bed room when Eric said 'Guess its my
turn now to tell how I got into it all? As Eric began we were all slowly
pulling on our cocks. he was saying " I was only like 15 then and I just
knew I was different from other guys. The girls seemed to really like me
and were always out to get me on dates but I just had no interest in
them. Mom was dating a younger guy loli nude loli galleries then who was just 19 and had just
turned pro Hockey player with a two year contract. It wasn't long before
Jon had moved in with Us and was kind of taking over the house. I liked
him well enough but I felt this attraction to him and so I knew I had to
keep my distance or at least be on guard around him. he took this as my
not liking him and once while Mom was away on one of her week long
business trip Jon and I were alone in the house. Jon was in the living
room when I came in that night and he was wearing one of those T-shirts
that didn't cover the ABS and what a set of ABS Jon was showing. he had
on a pair of old silk white shorts and white thick sweat socks. He looked
like a cover picture on some gay mag. His thick black hair and that
handsome smile. I had pooped a hard on the second I saw him. He was
telling me he wanted to talk I knew he had just finished working out in
the basement by the sweat on him. We walked into the kitchen with his
powerful arm round me and he gave me a beer and himself one. We then went
up to my room like he wanted to and sitting on the bed Jon said 'Eric I
know the situation here with Your Mom and me has got to be hard on You
but I hope we can still be friends?I said "Oh sure Jon no problem I like You in fact"Jon smiled and winked saying "Well you sure had underage nude lolita child me fooled. I mean you
hardly ever say a word to me and we never kind of just hang around. I
think this week we should just chill and get to know each other like two
friends"I said "Sure I would like that Jon"Jon then put his arm around me again on the bed and said "Tell hairless lolita hairless lolita You what
buddy we'll pretend we are just two good buddies sleeping over at each
others house. Just the two of Us. I'll even sleep in here like You would
have a friend do. OK?I was getting all kinds of butter flies in my stomach this handsome stud
of a Hockey player would be sleeping in my bed? I said "Well the bed is
kind of small for the two of us but yea I can go for that"Jon pulled me to him best little lolitas sites and said "Not too small for two close friends"with that Jon was taking off his shirt and I just sat watching him
admiring his chest so smooth and so well built. he looked at me and said
"Come on Eric start getting underessed for bed. We can talk in bed"I stood and pulled off my shirt careful to turn so that Jon couldn't see
my tenting jeans. Jon wistled on seeing my bare chest and ABS and said "
Wow Eric nice build buddy real nice build."he ept his eyes on me while he pulled down his shorts and he didn't have
on any underwear he was perras enculadas lolitas goticas naked and his cock looked so huge. not hard kind
of semi hard and so thick I was shocked at seeing it and just looked. he
looked down at his dick and said " You don't mind if i sleep au natural
do You?I looked then up to his handsome face and shook my hed no then said " No
not at all"He came over to me and shocked me more by putting his hands on my hips
and looking into my eyes he said " the other day I had to come in your
room looking for the phone book and guess what I had found right on Your
bed?I was blushing so much and wanting to run out of the room but he said "
Hey it was one of those play rubber dicks. and this one had some shit on
the end of it. Looks like You've lolita sun girls bbs
been having some fun with it in here?
You ever get a real dick fucking you yet?I shook my head no and I was able to say " I found it and i just wanted
to see what it would feel like?He pulled me closer to him and I felt his now hard bare dick press into
my groin. he said ' You must have also wondered what a real one would
feel like? Well now tonight You are going to get to see what a man's dick
feels like fucking into you Eric"he now had me in a full hug and his powerful hands now were all over my
ass and he was slipping one down under both my jeans and my underwear
feeling my bare ass cheek.his cock so hard pressing against me so thick I
later found out the monster was no less then 9 inches long and a good 7
inches around. he was kissing my neck feeling my bare ass and humping
into my groin with his bare cock and I was humping back. He said " yea
that's it Eric hump tht nice dick of Yours into me man Yea Eric very young loli hardcore Iwant to
have You fuck me too after I fuck You first"I was shocked this stud of a Hockey player all male was going to let me
fuck his ass? The whole night was to be one big surprise after another.
Jon was now down on his knees in front of me taking down my jeans then
playing with my bare cock and balls then He took my dick into his mouth
and the rush of his wet warm mouth and tongue was so great i was soon
pumping my hard dick into his hot handsome mouth. he was feeling my balls
and then fucking a finger into my virgin hole I told him he was a whole
lot bigger then the play one. he got up and just held his cock in his
hand and said " Get down there Eric and suck this meat" I knelt and I
took his cock head into my mouth i was just about able to open wide
enough to take in that knob cock head. iloved it the feel the taste the
thickness the smell of his pubic hairs and cock I was sucking like mad
loving it and wanting his bare dick in me. My hands were all over his
hairy strong bare legs and then iput a hand in his socks and reached in
so I could feel his bare foot so sexy and nice while I sucked that hard
thick cock.
Jon was ready I was just as ready and he had me on the bed on my
side and was behind me his thick cock head on my virgin hole all KY'd up
and he began to push his fat thick dick into me. the first real man's
dick i ever got and I was loving it the pain only lasted a little while
but the pleasure as this 19 year old Hockey stud fucked me lasted so long
and was so hot. Jon knew how to fuck a man and he was one tome pounding
me hole then slowly fuckign me then hard all his 9 inches fucked into me
and pounded me then he was filling my hole with a thick load of his male
cream. i had a real man's cum inside me. I was then fucking him loving
the feel of his hard body under me as my long dick spread his hole nice
and wide and soon I was creaming a load into him too.
That night Jon got me into lickinghis feet and he was licking mine.
we fucked all day that day and the whole week. We never left the house
except to get food. When Mom came home they broke up much tomy regret and
jon went tolive with a teammate. I would go over there on weekends and
the three of us got into liking feet and fucking and sucking. Well gys
that was my first time. Now as you may guess I love men's feet socks and
ass and cocks?more to cum soon
You must give Your age for legal reasons. Kevin kelly
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